For the lost love of writing!

It was a class III kid who was set thinking when she read a poem by CHRISTINA ROSSETTI called ‘Color’. I remember how fascinated I was to see the rhyming scheme, to know there are so many colours which render our lives beautiful, to discover all kinds of curious thoughts which popped up in my head following that day in school. I came back home thinking the whole way, how can I be a poet one day, one whom kids would read in their textbooks. I was fascinated to say the least at the very idea of it. It was like my childhood love and I seemed to have felt it so passionately. I got back home, picked some shabby notebook, a pencil and tried to write something on colours only inspired greatly by what I was taught at school. Mom was cooking in kitchen and I would not be able to find right words to rhyme it and I would run every now and then to her to fix my sentences. Luckily enough she had the patience to breed it and then after it got on forever until when somewhere in the chaos of life, I forgot what a pleasure, liberation and gratifying experience was writing to me.

This blog is a way to rediscover myself more than anything else. And I hope it does help few lost souls like me in the journey!!

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