I know no changes

Screenshot_20180903-000721__01I know no changes, I don’t like them either,
Outgrowing on promises once made,
Rewriting memories with new people,
And then rewriting them with more new ones.

School to college to the office,                      Things people, relations and the bonds,      Their value, place, affection, and the importance,                                                                I don’t like outgrowing on any of these.

I stick to the words people said, I like to believe they will remember them too. I am fond of relations that keep the fragrance alive in years, of those who may embrace new people in their lives, but still value the old ones. For with these old ones we lived those moments, made numerous memories, filled slam books, diaries flooding with promises to be there forever no matter what. And then we walked on our own paths, faced our own struggles, and let go of the old ones like they were added burden to life. For most foolish reasons, I don’t find this letting go so easy. I love people and when I do I want to keep them forever. There isn’t living in the moment for me, I don’t believe in out of sight out of mind, I seek the longest talks until the heart brims with emotions, honest bondings over the weakest moments. I know not letting go, loving half-heartedly, being okay!

I do not like to make friends, confide in them, be their confidant just to move on to make new ones. Of course, I equally love meeting new people, knowing them, befriending them but not to let go of the ones who meant life sometime somewhere. It is why I don’t like changes, they inevitably change people. The ones who saw us grow, who were the part of change but when it happened they, ironically, were no longer there. Sometimes distance changes them, sometimes they change the priorities, sometimes they really didn’t mean the things they said and sometimes you change too much for them.

But some of them will stick around, in your changed version or theirs, they will still say the same things they once used to. The words will ring the same rhythm in heart and add the same music to life with people like them around. I like these people. I love them for the integrity of soul and heart. I know for a fact that they make efforts known and unknown to keep the warmth going, they overrule the differences that grow with time and distance. They are the ones who will keep coming back to look for you, they will warm your heart everytime you talk or meet, they will help you smile in sad times, and make you laugh on silly jokes. They will be your guide, they will be the crybaby too, they will value exact reasons year after year to keep you in their heart and life and they will be honest then, now and forever.

Forever is my thing. And this is exactly why I know no changes!

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