When the destiny seems bleak, live each day, make the best of every moment!

She smiled with an utmost ease,
With Soothe glimmering in her eyes,
Poised and untouched like a fresh flake of snow,
Humble yet so noticeable, I watched her tread her way through the row!

They said she was a mystery,
I wondered if she was but undefinable,
Like a shadow lingering even when sun hid behind the clouds,
And a scent suffusing like the mud of first rain,
Because I saw her glide like the first ray of sun,
Subtly warm yet so stern!

They said she never talked,
I wonder why wouldn’t she?
She said she once talked and they refused to hear,
When she wept and wept, until the tears gelled like that pearl shining in her eyes,
She said gone are the days when she cackled and cheered across those streets,
Playing and frolicking from a kid to a lady,
When they cut through her with their gazes so shady!!

They said she never made friends,
She said she did but that made her sad,
For they all spoofed her like that snow flake, left to fall and melt,
Accusing this pure snow being dirtied by a bulk of mud,
Yet she smiled with melancholy entrenched, cause they heaved on her that mud!!

They never told how they raped her in the silence of that chilly night,
‘Coz she rose from that heap of mud forthright,
And the next morning, she shone like that first ray of sun,
Her tears through the night crowning her high held head,
For when they mocked at her vulnerabilities,
She glided like that sunray – unstoppable and unheld!!

They fed her with qualms to feed like a leech,
And she tweaked the gloom in a blink of an eye!
She smiled with that utmost ease, infectious – dangerously infectious,
Thrusting on the evil hearts, weight of the seas!!

They still spoke the words, now falling naive,
‘Coz I just saw her rise from ashes like the smoke,
Fall from sky like a blaze, Infecting the air around,
As she became her own light through that haze!

When the destiny seems bleak, live each day, make the best of every moment!

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